Release Process

  1. Update local checkout

    Make sure your developer checkout of VOC is up to date with a:

    $ git pull
  2. Confirm that the trunk currently builds for JDK and Android:

    $ ant clean
    $ ant

    Fix any problems that are identified

  3. Make release related changes

  • Release history in docs/internals/releases.rst
  • Build number in build.xml
  • Version number in voc/
  1. Push to Github to get confirmation of a clean CI build.

  2. When CI passes, merge.

  3. Update your checkout of the main pybee/voc repository

  4. Tag the release. There is a version tag for VOC, plus tags for each of the support libraries that will be released:

    $ git tag v0.1.2
    $ git tag 3.4-b3
    $ git tag 3.5-b3
    $ git tag 3.6-b3
    $ git push —tags
  5. Build the PyPI packages:

    $ python sdist bdist_wheel
  6. Upload the PyPI packages:

    $ twine upload dist/voc-0.1.2*
  7. Create the GitHub release for each support package versions, and upload the support zipfile.

  8. Check that Read The Docs has updated